Saturday, October 17, 2009

Super Porridge

I got this recipe from a fabulous mom who makes the most gourmet (and nutritious!) baby food for her little one.

Super Porridge

1/3 cup dry grain and 2 Tbl. dry legume. For the grains, you can use oatmeal (steel cut or regular, not quick cook), brown rice or bulgar wheat. For the legumes, you can use garbanzo beans or kidney beans or even lentils.

Here's the recipe (really simple!):
Grind the 1/3 c. grains and 2 T. legumes together for two minutes using a blender, Vita Mix, Cuisinart or "Bullet". The key is to grind it for 2 whole minutes. It becomes a powder. Bring 2 cups water to a boil and add the ground powder. Whisk to combine. Reduce the heat to low and cook for 10 minutes and it's done. This recipe should give you 5 or 6 servings. You can cool it down in the fridge, then cut it in to serving sizes and then freeze them....kind of like food cubes without the ice trays. When you are ready to serve, just defrost a serving and, at the same time blend some fruit of your choice and then just mix it together with a fork.

Delicious and SOOOOO good for baby!


Monica Crumley said...

It sounds very healthy. You are amazing -- I'm guessing your boys have the healthiest diet on the planet... or at least Sacto.

Sasha said...

I have a book called Super Baby food by Ruth Yaron and it has a very close recipe. I used to make something like this for Blyss when she was little. Your boys must love it.

stephanie said...

That actually sounds easy. Em loves lentils! might have to try this one. thanks

Cheri said...

You are my nutrition specialist...I love it! I learn so much from you! Food and Reid being so picky is an issue around here that is becoming an even bigger issue...I think I'll also look into the book Sasha mentioned, Super Baby Food.

Thanks for the recipe! :)

Lisa said...

This is what I've been making for Sheridan :) He LOVES it - especially if I mix in a cube or two of his fruit when I dish him up some in the morning.