Monday, June 27, 2011


Please come join us over at our NEW's about time we realized we are now a family of 6!!!!

Promise to have some fun updates this week!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Annual Check-up!

It was time for our annual check-up and we are happy to report that we are growing and thriving! Only 3 pounds separates the two of us (despite being almost exactly one year apart!) so we are often mistaken for twins. We LOVE each other so very much and get into constant trouble around the house! Thank goodness one of us is in school almost every day otherwise mama would be going crazy by now chasing and cleaning up after the two of us.

Mama says she PROMISES to be better about posting! Life sure is busy with 4 rambunctious and very busy kiddos! Having three boys ages 8, 6 and 3 is a handful and add one feisty 2 year old princess and well...we have a FULL house.

Check back in again soon! So many new things going on with the Sanchez Six (yes...mama and papa round us out to 6 silly Sanchez family members!) Stay tuned for a NEW blog that combines Saving Sofia and Three's a's about time!

Monday, April 11, 2011

So Far So Good!

Here is Joaquin moments before surgery. He was in SUCH a good mood and as charming as ever. FULL of grins and giggles. Surgery went smooth and quick. Both eyes were done and now we let it heal and wait and see how successful it was. They sent him home without any special medication and no patches or guards so I'm a nervous wreck about it. The only precaution is for 2 weeks we need to keep him away from playground sand and putting his head underwater. His eyes are really swollen, sensitive and totally red. I can barely look at his eyes without it totally hurting me and making my stomach turn. We know that this was a procedure totally recommended by his doctor/eye surgeon and that there are many benefits to doing it but there is a teeny tiny part of me that feels like I am messing with my boy and his beautiful eyes. They are one of my most favorite things about him. His beautiful eyes are the windows to his soul and I just don't want to do anything to hurt him or those precious peepers. I can't tell yet if the surgery worked. They look pretty good but it's really deceiving with all the red on the eye. We will know in 6 weeks. We have a quick post op appointment tomorrow morning and then in six weeks we go back to evaluate the results.

Thank you everyone in blogging land, text, facebook, phone and in person for being so supportive. We love you all. Now back to snuggling my boy and helping him heal!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Eye Surgery on Monday

Joaquin is scheduled to have eye surgery on Monday and check in is at 6:15am at UC Davis Medical Center. We are hoping and praying that the surgery to correct his strabismus is successful and that he has no complications and that this will be the only surgery for his eyes that he'll ever need.

We welcome prayers and good thoughts leading up to the surgery and on the day of surgery! We hope he heals quickly and that his eyes are straight therefore giving him better depth perception. We have every confidence in his eye doctor/surgeon. It is an outpatient procedure and he will be able to participate immediately in all his activities except for playgrounds with sand and underwater activities for 2 weeks.

PRAYING all goes well!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy World Down Syndrome Day! 3-21-11

All these beautiful children I am happy to know and love...the babes of the Sacramento Area Sisterhood. This is a preview to a DSIA 2012 Calendar fundraiser and photos were taken by the talented team at Benton Photography. Enjoy! 

Celebrate that special extra chromosome!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Favorite Face

Photo taken by Michelle Marrone (dear friend and photographer)

This face and this smile makes my world. This is Joaquin in his true love. Oh how blessed we are to have him in our lives.

Our Little School Boy

Joaquin has been in preschool now for a little less than a month and I thought I would share an update. He is THRIVING in school and I don't know if it's his age now or his going to school or what it is but he is soaking up the world around him. He is obsessed with letters, numbers, picture cards, manipulative puzzles, throwing/catching/kicking balls, and anything musical.

He will recite the ABC's on his own with very little to no prompting. He grabs magnetic letters off the fridge and 8 out of 10 times he accurately identifies the letter. He wants to count things all the time. He LOVES books and asks to read books more than any other activity. He is using scissors on his own. He is potty training. He is exploding with his language. He is so HAPPY.

He now asks for the bus when he wakes up and wants to put his backpack on and get out the door to wait for the big yellow school bus. He gets on and just SMILES now. He loves it. We blow kisses to each other and it's the cutest, sweetest goodbye I have ever experienced with any of my children.

I have no doubt that this is the absolute BEST thing for Joaquin. I'm so grateful for our school system and for the teachers and for the therapists, friends, and family that have helped prepare Joaquin for this next BIG step in his growth and development and independence.

I found out today that he is starting OT and PT at school every week in addition to the ST he gets twice a week and all of these therapies will be "pushed in" to the classroom setting. Our team would like to do another IEP in May to prepare and revise his plan for the Fall. Joaquin will be starting full immersion preschool this Fall with all the other incoming neighborhood 3 year olds two days a week at our home school down the street. On the other days, he will continue to take the bus to attend his Special Day Program where he will receive all his intensive therapies to continue to help him thrive in "typical" preschool. So all in all, I feel like I've hit the lottery with this team of teachers and therapists and professionals. They care....they really truly care and love my child. We are so blessed. I'm going to stay positive and believe that there is every chance that our experience will continue to be positive. I know it's a long and difficult and challenging road ahead but I feel like we've got a terrific start!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Wheels on the Bus

And he's preschool. Oh my goodness, a mixture of emotions bottled up inside. Pride, excitement, hope, joy, nervousness, sadness, fear. All of them at once bubbling up to the surface. Proud of my big boy. Excited for this next new step. Hope for a wonderful first experience with school. Joy at seeing his smiling face. Nervous about letting go. Sad seeing him get worried. Fear for all the unknowns.

We talked all morning about the bus and sang one of his favorite songs "The Wheels on the Bus". We got his backpack ready with some pull ups and wipes. We got a nice big brunch inside his belly and got dressed for the morning. The bus arrived promptly at 11:00 and as the wheels went round and round toward us Joaquin yelled out "BUS!" My voiced cracked a bit and tears welled up inside my eyes but I kept it together. I think it helped that I had to rush to pick up Mateo at 11:10 from Kindergarten and had Sofia to take care at the same time so those things served as great distractions.

Hector followed the school bus to pick up two other preschoolers and then followed the bus the 1.5 miles to Joaquin's school (he felt like a stalker!)  I was able to get there in time to see Joaquin being walked to class with one of the main teachers Miss Kelly (who is a DOLL!!!) and she had plenty of hugs and snuggles to give him when they greeted. It was only when he saw me that he gave us his sad face so it was then that I realized I needed to let go and let him grow from this experience without me distracting him.

I pick him up at 2:20pm so we'll see how it went. We decided not to go into class with him because everytime Joaquin saw us he got a little sad. PRAYING he has fun today and that he enjoys school and that the classmates and teachers love him as much as we do.

I'll try to upload the video of him getting on the bus later! SUPER windy day here today. He almost blew over a few times with the backpack on his back! My teeny tiny sprite.

Monday, February 7, 2011


I'm THREE now and I'm starting preschool tomorrow. A yellow schoolbus is going to pick me up and I'm going to take my backpack and spend three hours away from home with my new school family.  I really have no idea what to expect but I know my mom and dad are really excited and a little nervous too!

Here are some pictures of me on my third birthday last week! I had so much fun but in the middle of the party I came down with a big fever and didn't feel very well. It was still so much fun spending my birthday at a gymnastics center with 31 of my buddies!

I'm a BIG boy now! Watch me grow and learn and soar! The sky is the limit for me!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Increasing Awareness...Powerful Stuff Here

Tears are still in my eyes watching and listening to this awareness video done by Kelle Hampton.

Check it out HERE!

You'll see a little clip of both my sweet angels! Rock on Nella!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

IEP Date is Set...Preschool Here We Come!

Our IEP (Individualized Education Plan/Program)date is set and we are getting ready for it! February 1st at 9AM...the day before Joaquin turns 3!!! Way to cut it close!

We have visited the program we were most interested in and that has been recommended for him by the school district and it looks like a perfect fit right now. It's a special day program preschool that is therapy intensive and has teacher/student ratio or 1:2 right now!  He will go 4 days a week for about 3 hours. They work on EVERYTHING from numbers, letters, phonics, speech, feeding self, potty training, fine motor, gross motor, socialization, handwriting without tears, colors, routines, EVERYTHING! They also spend a little time each day with the full inclusion preschool to observe and practice in that environment. The head teacher is AMAZING and ADORABLE...two prerequisites that all preschool teachers I think should have and it helps that she is young, energetic, motivated and highly educated. She has her teaching credential, early childhood education degree and a masters in special education. She runs the program with a great speech and language pathologist and then there is one more teacher's aid in the class. They will work on sensory issues, OT, PT, ST and some oral motor work. He may even take the BUS to and from preschool! WOW!

We have yet to see what more they may offer us and we do plan on asking for a few other things and we will continue to pay for private music therapy but I'm just thrilled with this next step! It's also perfect because we are starting mid-school year so we can reevaluate when the fall comes and see if he is ready for a few days in the full inclusion preschool next door. Joaquin has a few years of preschool ahead so we will work towards a goal of getting into a 5 day a week full inclusion preschool before Kindergarten!

Here is a short video of our littlest boy. And when I say little I mean tiny. VERY petite little boy. His sister is going to pass him up pretty soon!

Joaquin Being Cute!

I gave him a pre-birthday haircut today (all by myself!) so he'll be all set for preschool in February! He is such a sweet and funny little boy. He truly is the sunshine in our family!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year!

And what a year it has been!

Please consider visiting Kelle's blog at Enjoying the Small Things and see our sweet boy Joaquin and his darling sister Sofia as one of the MANY beautiful faces of Down syndrome.

Let's start the new year giving back...and in return giving a better future for all children blessed with a little extra chromosome and those GORGEOUS almond eyes.