Monday, October 6, 2008


In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, I wanted to welcome any questions you may have. Often when I see people and Joaquin is with me, there is a lot of interest about some of the physical markers I noticed on Joaquin when he was newborn....the sandal gap on his toes, the crease on his palm, etc. At the Buddy Walk on Saturday, there were myths and facts posted along the path to help educate the public about DS. Please, if anyone reading this blog has any questions at all, I would love to answer them. Really, anything is open for discussion! I'd also be happy to answer any questions about the program we are doing with the Institutes. You can post your question in the comments section and I will do my best to answer them all. Fire away!!!


Kimberly said...

Hey Jen,
Have you seen this?

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Wow! I'm not sure what I think of this. I knew it was coming. Thanks for sharing.

Signe said...

Jen- I would love to know more about the patterning you are doing with Joaquin and how you/your dh constructed the crawling board. I have the time, energy and motivation to work with my daughter but need more ideas.

Cheri said...

Hi Jennifer, I have a question for and Hector seem so on top of things and I commend your commitment with the Institute Program! Are you guys also doing any type of vitamin therapy? There are so many conflicting reports and so many different routes to take with this I was just wondering what you are doing in this regard if anything? This is an area I need to research more thoroughly.

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Joaquin is still exclusively breastfeeding except for the occasional food exploration- not really eating enough to be considered part of his diet. I take supplements (when I can remember which include a good multivitamin, omega-3/6 and a probiotic. I have purchased the Nutrivene-D for Joaquin but haven't figured out a way to get them in him. It's a powder and I tried putting it in some of his food but he didn't care for it. The Institutes recommends the Nutrivene-D plus the omegas and the probiotic for Joaquin but as of yet he is only getting it through me. The big question is whether or not we will do the piracetam. I will be asking about this in December when we have our revisit appointment. Let me know what you are doing or thinking about doing. My main philosophy is that I'm willing to try anything as long as it's not harmful to the baby. That is why I've held out on doing the piracetam- it just seems different than the normal vitamin therapy. I want to get more info about it. I know a few people who have been using it with their children and are very happy with the results.