Thursday, October 30, 2008

The night before Halloween!

Last night Jen went out with her girlfriends and I was in charge of 3 kids and the daily post. All 3 kids went to bed like usual, no problem. Joaquin did his normal talk routine right before he fell asleep, very cute. So I turned my powerbook on and started thinking about something to write. I was having trouble thinking of something, so I decided to check some of the blogs that Jen follows. I found this post by Jennifer Groneberg from Pinwheels, the author of the book "Road map to Holland", about a beautiful Down Syndrome Awareness bracelet made by the talented Amy Flege, and she was giving it away to a special mom. All you needed to do was post a comment, so I did for Jen. I thought that it would be a great reward for her special effort to post every day of this special month.

This morning when I got to work, I had an email from Jennifer Groneberg telling me that we won the bracelet. I was so thrilled and I am so excited for Jen to have it. I think she deserves it. So Jen, it is coming in the mail. Thanks for being such a special mom and a loving wife!


Nirvana Mommas said...

I saw your article in Kidaround Magazine and wrote a post about your article on our blog: Just wanted to let you know...great job on your site! ~Shelley

Cheri said...

Okay Hector...what an incredibly sweet husband thing to do! Sweet story...Jennifer so glad your name was picked! I loved reading all your posts this month!