Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The "Face"

So I just have to clarify this picture (and the other "face" pictures in the Buddy Walk slide show.)

Joaquin is not unhappy in these photos nor is he about to cry. In fact, he still rarely if ever cries at all. This is the "face" that he makes whenever the sun hits his face, or it's too bright outside, or when we shine the light in his eyes during his sensory stimulation program. It is hilarious to see him make it because he can really exaggerate it and his brothers get a kick out of it too. It cracks us all up! Joaquin will make this face and then quickly turn it off when you say to him "open your eyes" or if you put him back in the shade.

I think it's a preview into his personality. I think he's got a little "ham" in him. We love the "face"!

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sheree said...

aww! I love "the face!"

Too cute :)