Friday, January 8, 2010

First Stop...COBA

Coba is the tallest Mayan pyramid in the Yucatan and we all climbed it....well, everyone except for Joaquin. But he made it up about 4 steps!!

This thing was TALL and steep and VERY scary.

It took about 3 miles hiking in the jungle to get to the pyramid and the boys were all troopers.

As soon as we got there, Diego started climbing all by himself. I yelled to Hector to go after him after a German couple looked at me like I was crazy and said "Wow, he's brave." I realized then how DANGEROUS the thing was. So Hector went up after him and Mateo followed right behind.

Now, anyone who knows me also knows that I am NOT a nervous parent. I'm pretty easy going and usually remain calm even when faced with potentially dangerous situations. But this pyramid had me sweating. There I was at the base of the pyramid clinging to Joaquin in his carrier and I was literally praying out loud to God to keep the boys safe as they fearlessly climbed to the top. I was SO nervous.

But...they made it! And they made it down. Hector said it was the scariest thing he's ever done with the boys. Diego was thrilled and Mateo was totally cool with it. Mateo is usually my very cautious little guy but he really tackled the climb with absolutely no fear. Amazing!

When Diego said he wanted to go again, I said I've got to do this. I've got to tackle my fear. I have the BIGGEST fear of heights. As I climbed I didn't look up or down. I just stayed as close as possible to the rocks, keeping my center or gravity as close as possible to the stones (I must have looked ridiculous) and eventually I made it. The view from the top was worth it all...nothing but miles and miles and miles of untouched jungle. Gorgeous! I'm so glad I did it.


Monica Crumley said...

and the adventure continues. You go, Jungle Mama. How cool that your boys and you guys did that! Did you climb w/ Joaquin in your front carrier?!?!? I am WAY TOO FREAKED OUT about heights to attempt something like that myself, so I bow to you. :-)

Mel said...

You must have had your heart in your mouth- I know that feeling where the kids are concerned :) Way to go for getting to the top!

The Paskins Family said...

Way to go Jen! I'm proud of you!

Lisa said...

The Sanchez family rocks! And takes awesome photos :)

Tim and Kelli said...

Love the first picture of all three.
Great job getting to the top. Sometimes it is getting back down that is scary. Seems like there is nothing below that next step.