Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beach Baby

The sun, surf and sand really agreed with Joaquin. I think it's safe to say he is a Beach Baby!


Emily said...

What a darling beach baby he is!

sheree said...

I think you're definitely right!!

Handsome :)

Katrina said...

He's absolutely beautiful. Looks like a great time in Mexico. Wow, I'm jealous!

I am the mommy to nine kiddos, ages 18 down to 17 months, and I am now 40 years old and still hoping for more children. Some people(friends, family, even strangers on occassion, doctors) will say in warning, "the older you get, the more chances you'll have a child with DS." as if to mean I should quit while I'm ahead. The truth is, I don't fear that. I really don't. My oldest daughter was "perfect" until the age of 4 when she was severely brain injured in a car accident. (we took her to The Institutes, by the way... did the program for almost 3 years with much success) And what her accident has made us realize is that there are no quarentees in life, especially with your children. None at all. You can have one child one minute, and then a completely different child with a brain injury the next. The child is just as loved, just as valued in the family. Your life just takes a different path, that's all....and you experience things and you make friendships you might not have because of that. So...having another baby at age 40+ -- sure, I could have a DS child. I don't see that as anything to fear. Children with DS are the most loving, forgiving, and happy people that I know. More work? Sure. More worries? maybe. More Love? Definitely!

I think you family is wonderful. God bless you all.

Sharon said...

The cutest beach baby! Glad you had such a great vacation!!!