Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Trouble with a Capital "J"

You might find this hard to believe but I have never EVER had to put child safety locks on any of my cabinets or drawers. Not even my china cabinet. Please remember...Joaquin is our THIRD boy. We have made it this far without having to really change or alter our household in any way. Crazy, right?

That was until our third little devil discovered a whole new WORLD to explore inside our house.

Over the past weekend, we discovered that we have a little troublemaker in our house. Our little crawler or shall I say creeper (he's on hands and knees almost exclusively now for transportation) and our little stander and cruiser has figured out that he can get into anything and everything.

The other day I found him playing in the toilet water (YUCK!!) with the garbage can tipped over right next to him with used tissues thrown all over the place. He also LOVES to throw anything that happens to be on the bathroom floor into the tub. I've found shoes, underwear, toys all stashed in the bathtub.

Later that same day, while Hector was reading stories to Diego and Mateo at bedtime, Joaquin decided to climb up one of the boy's lounge chairs and up onto the top of the train table. Diego and Mateo NEVER did that kind of stuff!

He also LOVES to unload baskets. And we happen to have a lot of baskets that we use as storage containers. So...all the clothes, toys, blocks, etc are taken out of the baskets on a daily basis and in almost every room of the house. I do remember Diego and Mateo taking down the books everyday from the bookshelf but never to this extent. Joaquin is thrilled by laundry piles.

And don't for one minute leave the front door open! This boy will dart over to the open door and creep his way onto our porch. He's smart enough to know to stop at the three steps that lead down to the driveway. Thank goodness! Otherwise, I'm sure he'd be next door if he could.

I can't take my eyes off him when we are outside. He's put sticks, leaves, grass, pebbles, rocks and shoes in his mouth. He does this all with a grin on his face! He knows he's playing us!

TROUBLE I tell you! I have a feeling we are in for it with this one. I know I'll be buying safety locks in no time and rearranging the house. I've said it before and I'll say it again...the third one's a charm!


Sonia said...

What a devilish smile...Here comes trouble!

Mel said...

Unbelievable- I was going to post about this very thing next! Luke is into the toilet and racing away at the moment! I wish I could say that my other two never did such things, but I would be lying :)

Sharon said...

Never a dull moment in your house, thanks to young Joaquin. Brennan isn't mobile yet - but still loves taking things out of their place and also throwing things into the tub. I now have a glimpse into my future and feel tired just thinking about it!!

stephanie said...

He does have that cetain "twinkle" in his eye. Get your running shoes ready!

AZ Chapman said...

oh boy have the other two stared school yet

jenhiatt said...

oh my goodness... your son is a doll! I recently found your blog, and glad I did! You can read about our special kiddo at my blog :)

Jennifer said...

I just want to squeeze all three of them. Beautiful boys!

Cheri said...

First...I love the new pictures and your new "charming" theme...too cute and very appropriate! Second...as I was first reading this I was reminded of the book "Love You Forever" where the little boy in one part is in his terrible two's and throwing his mom's watch in the toilet and all the fun little guy stuff that Joaquin is so thoroughly engaging in right now....good for him I say...I love his spunk!!! :)

Terry Family said...

Nathan is the same way (20 months)! I seriously can't take my eyes off of him for a second. We went to my sisters house the other day and he just went from one thing to the next ~ looking for trouble! We were just watching him cracking up! It gets worse when they're walking ~ watch out! lol

Lisa said...

mmmm...sounds familiar. He is a handsome little devil!

Did you ever read my post about the safety tent on Bridget's bed? http://bridgets-light.blogspot.com/2009/04/safety-tent-salvation.html

Enjoy the ride :)!