Friday, September 25, 2009

Feature in The Sacramento Bee News Blog

This Saturday Joaquin will be featured in a special video presentation on a jumbo screen in the heart of Times Square in New York City. Every year, NDSS reminds the world in a big way about the gifts that people with Down syndrome bring to their communities, the 40-minute showing takes place each year on the morning of the New York City Buddy Walk® and is one of the highlights of National Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

NDSS receives thousands of photo submissions for the Times Square Video Contest. Because the Buddy Walk® promotes acceptance and inclusion of individuals with Down syndrome, the winning photographs feature children, teens and adults with Down syndrome working, playing and learning with friends and family.

Here is an article by Niesha Lofing, family and food writer for the the Sacramento Bee, about Joaquin. Click on the link below to read it. We were so thrilled to read this and it brought tears to our eyes, check it out! Local toddler featured in national Down Syndrome awareness campaign


Emily said...

That is fantastic! Justin's picture will also be featured in that video in Times Square tomorrow! I am so excited! I have never done a post on it... and I really should!
That is wonderful that he was featured in the news! Good for you! What a great example you are!

Cheri said...

Can you see me standing up right now???? Okay, so no I'm not really standing up but in spirit I give you a standing ovation for your comments in that article Jennifer....just awesome!!! You said it all so beautifully and powerfully for our beautiful little guys! Thank you!...and oh my goodness, I LOVE that little expression on Joaquin's face in that photo, priceless...and the cutest spider...EVER :)!!!!

Monica Crumley said...

Love it! I wish I could see Joaquin on the Times Square video :-) We didn't submit a photo, but now wish we had submitted the photo of JM signing "love".

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

oh my gosh, joaquin is just the cutest little spider ever - what an adorable costume (and even more adorable with little joaquin in it!) I love the look on his face in this picture! i loved the article, too! how exciting that he was part of the nyc video!

hope you had fun at your baby shower today!

mauimom said...

I have to agree with the others that Joaquin is the cutest spider ever! Thank you for writing such perfect words for the article, you do a wonderful job of spreading DS awareness!

Sasha said...

That is so cool. He is such a cutie in his outfit. That is amazing that it will be in a video.

jennifergg said...

Thank you for putting me in such good company! And thank you or soing such awesome advocacy work for Joagin, and all our kids.

So now let's celebrate, both the Times Square inclusion and the wonderful article!