Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On Safari

We went on a safari the weekend of the 4th of July in Santa Rosa called Safari West. We rode on a jeep in an open wildlife preserve and got to see the animals up close and personal.

The boys loved it. Especially when one giraffe decided to come and check us out when we were on top of the jeep. He was literally a foot away from Diego's face. It was so cool!

By the end of the 3 hour tour, Joaquin was getting sleepy but once again proved to be an awesome travel companion. He was awake for the whole event and never once complained. It was a great family trip. Next time, we'll have to go and stay the night. How cool would that be?


Lisa said...

How awesome was that??? So cool! Just stay away from the ostriches. I heard they are mean! My friend was attached by one... how random is that? =)

Monica Crumley said...

I forgot to ask you about this. Great photos. I think my kids would love that. Great seeing you guys today. :-)

sasha said...

Great pictures. We are thinking of going to a safari later this summer. I read your first posts on instincts and the birth. Wow what a story. Mommy always knows!! It reminds me of my story in that I knew something was wrong too.

I think I will read the book that you mentioned about the set of twins.

AZ Chapman said...

I went there when I was young