Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Signing Times

Joaquin is communicating via sign language and it's so darn cute.

His favorite is "more" and "all done" always followed by his clapping applause and huge grin. He has other ways of communicating that he wants "milk" and it's more of a head tilt towards mama's chest rather than the actual hand sign for milk. He is also verbalizing more with purposeful sounds. He will also dance on command. His favorite is when he has had enough of his brother Mateo and he pushes him away with a big grunt sound that I'm sure will become "NO!"

It's wonderful to see his communication skills blossom and I'm hopeful that he will be able to make his needs known by signing before he can talk. We are also supposed to be using a communication board with the words "yes", "no", "maybe" and "I don't know" on them but we haven't gotten in the habit of using this yet. It's not as easy to incorporate this into our daily routine. Signing is just so easy and natural for me but I can see where having the ability to use the communication board would also be very helpful as he gets older.

Here are some photos of Joaquin playing and cheering, one his favorite things to do these days!


Laurie said...

He is just too CUTE!! I just posted some clapping pictures as well - how funny!

That's great to hear about the signing. I have been slacking a bit on this and have only been really consistent with "eat" and "drink" so far.

sheree said...

way to go Joaquin! That is so exciting :)

I need to hear more about this communication board!

Ruby's Mom said...

That's super he's doing so well with his signs!He is such a sugar bear :)So cute!

Lisa Lindsey said...

I love his smile. I can't get over it. And seeing him sign "all done" makes me giggle... he REALLY means it when he says it :)

Cheri said...

Joaquin looks so BIG all of a sudden!!!! Yeah...for the signing, I love it!!!! I think teaching our little ones to sign is so huge, I have seen Reid become so frustrated with not being able to say what he wants to. The signs he knows allows him to communicate and like Joaquin, he gets so excited... it has to feel so good for them to feel "successful" I guess is the word, in communicating their thoughts.

ParkerMama said...

Signing Time is a huge hit over here too!

What a cutie you have!

Ria said...

What a cutie! I love his smile. And all the clapping. We can't get enough applause at our home too. It's great!
Glad to meet your family through your blog.

My blog: Bill and Ria

Monica @ Monkey Musings said...

Precious boy! Nice to hear he's signing more. What is a communication board? Have you tried the signing time videos I hear about? We've not tried those yet -- just curious.