Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

It was a perfect Mother's Day. Joaquin took his very first bike ride today in the chariot next to Mateo and pulled by his Papa. Mama got the afternoon off to ride with her girlfriends and view the David Lubin Garden Tour in East Sacramento. Later on, after dinner with Nana, Grandpa and Aunt Sarah, we went bowling. Another first for Joaquin. He loved the music, the sounds, the bowling ball, the pins, everything. Joaquin stayed up way past his bed time, red eyes and all, so as not to miss a thing! It was a really full and beautiful day. Thank you God for blessing me with my family. Being a mother has always been a dream of mine, something I knew I always wanted to be since I was a very little girl. Today is a great reminder that I am living the life I dreamed of...I'm a MOM!


sheree said...

Happy Mother's Day!! I am so glad you had a good day with your boys :)

I don't know why, but Joaquin looks like he went from baby to little boy over night? Handsome boy!

Sharon said...

Sounds like a perfect day! And Joaquin is looking like such a big boy! Too cute.