Friday, November 28, 2008

Not So Sure About Santa

We were very brave and ventured out to the mall on Black Friday to visit Santa....and there was no line to see him. Very strange.

He wasn't the most convincing Santa and he kinda looks a little sinister in this photo. Joaquin was mesmerized by his beard and had his hands on his face but the photo people (a.k.a. Santa's elves) wanted him to look at the camera. So they proceeded to make a bunch of noise and whistling sounds to get his attention and when Joaquin turned to look at the camera, he looked a bit stunned by all the commotion. No tears were shed but at one point, Joaquin was squinting from all the noise. My guess is he is still adjusting to the increase in volume in his ears. It was also a very stimulating environment with all the lights and decorations.

I would have preferred a shot of him gazing at Santa (how sweet would that be!!!) but the elves wanted nothing to do with that. Apparently you don't have a say as to which picture you Diego and Mateo would say "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit!"


Karen said...

To children who believe, Santa looks "Beautiful". The boys have seen Santa and were probably countin the days to see him again. To Jouquin, the entire experience is new.
Congrats for having the courage to go out on "Black Friday".

sheree said...

oh my...the look on santa's face is sort of freaking me out a bit, lol.

That would have been adorable to have Joaquin looking up at him...those elves can be pushy though, huh?!

It is adorable nonetheless! Love the shirts!

SunflowerMom said...

He's a bit scary to me! I'm amazed that you didn't have to wait in line!