Monday, November 17, 2008

Hearing Update: A New Baby

Here is Joaquin right before his surgery last Thursday. In a nutshell, the surgery was a success. The doctor said that she found lots of thick fluid stuck in his ears. She was able to suction it all out and then placed itty bitty ear tubes to help drain any more fluid that might build up. She said that Joaquin might be extra sensitive to the sounds around him and that he would be hearing clearly for the first time in his life. She said we might even need to keep the cotton balls in his ears for awhile to muffle some of the noise around him.

Joaquin recovered beautifully from the anesthesia and spent a good 30 minutes when we got home exploring every single toy and noise maker in his room on the floor. It was amazing to watch. Then.....his brothers arrived and a whole new volume level was experienced and the tears started. Joaquin is crying like he's never cried before. The sounds are startling and new and maybe even a bit scary for him. And even though it breaks my heart to hear him cry, I smile inside knowing it's because he can actually hear everything around him. We are so happy and can't wait to see the progress he will make now as a result of the successful surgery.

We'll keep you posted. GO JOAQUIN!!!

Joaquin on his way to the operating room....they only had pink pajamas.

Recovering from surgery.


Karen said...

Jouquin looks so cute. You don't notice the "pink jammies" with that cap on his head.
I'm so happy everything went well. This is probably the first time anyone as ever said they enjoy the sound of their baby crying.
Wait until all 3 boys get going at once. You'll need the cotton balls for your ears.

Jennifer said...

Awesome news! Now Mary Margaret can whisper "sweet nothings" to her little boyfriend! = )

sheree said...

oh wow! How awesome that he can hear clearly now. :o) I am SO glad everything went smoothly.

Cheri said...

Yay!!! So glad things went smoothly! The pink jammies made me smile! ...I can picture the noise level picking up dramatically once his sweet brothers got home and got their little hands on him! :)

Bonggamom said...

Congratulations on a successful surgery!