Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Little School Boy

Joaquin has been in preschool now for a little less than a month and I thought I would share an update. He is THRIVING in school and I don't know if it's his age now or his going to school or what it is but he is soaking up the world around him. He is obsessed with letters, numbers, picture cards, manipulative puzzles, throwing/catching/kicking balls, and anything musical.

He will recite the ABC's on his own with very little to no prompting. He grabs magnetic letters off the fridge and 8 out of 10 times he accurately identifies the letter. He wants to count things all the time. He LOVES books and asks to read books more than any other activity. He is using scissors on his own. He is potty training. He is exploding with his language. He is so HAPPY.

He now asks for the bus when he wakes up and wants to put his backpack on and get out the door to wait for the big yellow school bus. He gets on and just SMILES now. He loves it. We blow kisses to each other and it's the cutest, sweetest goodbye I have ever experienced with any of my children.

I have no doubt that this is the absolute BEST thing for Joaquin. I'm so grateful for our school system and for the teachers and for the therapists, friends, and family that have helped prepare Joaquin for this next BIG step in his growth and development and independence.

I found out today that he is starting OT and PT at school every week in addition to the ST he gets twice a week and all of these therapies will be "pushed in" to the classroom setting. Our team would like to do another IEP in May to prepare and revise his plan for the Fall. Joaquin will be starting full immersion preschool this Fall with all the other incoming neighborhood 3 year olds two days a week at our home school down the street. On the other days, he will continue to take the bus to attend his Special Day Program where he will receive all his intensive therapies to continue to help him thrive in "typical" preschool. So all in all, I feel like I've hit the lottery with this team of teachers and therapists and professionals. They care....they really truly care and love my child. We are so blessed. I'm going to stay positive and believe that there is every chance that our experience will continue to be positive. I know it's a long and difficult and challenging road ahead but I feel like we've got a terrific start!


Cole said...

That's so great! Thanks for the update!

Beth said...

Jen,tears!!!! You have to know how much hope and comfort this post has given me.. Joaquin, you're such a big boy!! Jen, your amazingness (sure that's a word)floors me constantly and I thank God daily that he has placed me in the open arms of all you incredible Moms!

Loren Stow said...

What wonderful news - I am so happy that Joaquin loves school and is obviously thriving! That is just great, great, great!! He is so handsome and getting so big - I remember your's was the first blog I ever stumbled across when Malakai was born - what a journey the past 2 and a half years has been - simply amazing to see how gorgeous Joaquin is!

Monica said...

Jen, that's so awesome! Joaquin has always been amazing, why wouldn't he be at school? :-) Remember the "i did it" shirt? He can totally claim that once more at school in all he's learning. I love his love for learning. I need to get those magnetic ABC's, that's a great idea. So glad you're happy, but more glad that he's happy and loving life!

Anonymous said...

I think it is what we all truly want-a place to feel good about ourselves and have positive activities to make our world better. But, truly his home must be very happy too, for Joaquin to be a such a happy boy. You are an awesome mom and know that you are just as responsible for his day as his school and therapist. Your blog is an inspiration! Paula

P said...

Wonderful to hear knowing how many families in your area likely will get the same amazing services (or similar??). Debating the move to No Cal!! ;)