Thursday, December 10, 2009


A must see movie.

A very intense and difficult movie.

I am at a loss for words on how to describe this movie so I will direct you to a wonderful review on The Feminist Spectator.

And how does this relate to my blog and my journey with Joaquin? Well, I had no idea myself until a scene with "Little Mongo" appeared and took my breath away.

An excerpt from The Feminist Spectator's blog:

Precious’s first baby by her father has Down syndrome and has been banished, by Mary, to live with Mary’s mother. Mary, who can’t stand the sight of her, calls the baby “Mongo,” short for “Mongoloid.” The sweet girl is friendly and affectionate, cheerful and placid. When Mary’s mother, wary and suspicious of her own daughter, brings the little girl to their Harlem apartment in anticipation of a city social worker’s visit, the three-year-old’s non-discriminating, innocent affect throws into even sharper relief the cruelty in which Precious lives.

Innocent, non-discriminating, friendly, affectionate, cheerful, placid. Words l love to hear associated with children with Down syndrome. Words I've found to be so true.

All I can really say is, go see this movie. It will move you.


Emily said...

Thanks for the recommendation!

Sharon said...

I wasn't planning on seeing this - but now will definitely go....hopefully this weekend. Thanks for the recommendation.

Sonia said...

I'm having a hard time wanting to see the movie because it just seems so sad (But I do want to see it)! My friend saw and and left angry because she couldn't believe how someone can treat their own flesh and blood that way! Just watching the previews tear me up.

Monica Crumley said...

I hadn't heard of it. Sounds difficult to watch... Thanks for the review.

Sasha said...

Oh I wasn't planing on seeing it but I may now. Thanks

Chrystal said...

I've been trying to write about this movie for a while...and just couldn't. I really is hard to put how it made me feel into words. I am so with you on that.

Juli_Mama said...

Hi. I'm Julius's mom and leave you a comment for the first time. I've been curious about that movie, so I bought the book and was having hard time to read (spelling was so unique). I think I better watch the movie first. Thank you for the recommendation!