Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our Fragile Emissary

Our Fragile Emissary

With modern screening and such
they wonder why
you're here, on this earth
in our home
and in our arms,
after all, anyone
with any sense would have resolved
this problem of you
pre-birth, pre pain.

Blonde Beauty,
tiny as you are,
you catch their stares,
strangers' second glances
into tender baby blues.
And your young
sweet ears hear whisperings
("Down's," "defects")
words dropped loosely
at extra-chromosomed girls.

With such stinging receptions
how we long to shelter you,
surround you; keep your
gentle smiles to ourselves.
Instead, we hold you
up, for others to see;
let you, our fragile emissary
speak to an imperfect world.

Written by Nancy Tupper Ling


Meghann said...

Okay, so new to this DS blogging world. This brought tears to my eyes, so often I feel like this. Thanks for posting it.

Meg said...

Goose bumps and I don't even have a reason for them. Such a sweet poem.

stephanie said...

So true, as much as a I want to protect Em, from any harm, I do hold her up for everyone to see... hoping they see the beauty.

Just beautiful, thanks for sharing, again!

P said...

AMAZING, WOW! I am going to use this poem a lot and send it to my family ASAP. Thanks so much and I need all the help I can get this week (visiting reltives!!).

Sharon said...

Beautifully written. I do have hope for positive changes in this imperfect world in which we live....changes that will make this world a better place for all of us.

The Paskins Family said...

Wow! Where did you find this? I love it and am so thankful I feel this way now - wanting to hold Nate up for all the world to see.

Nancy Tupper Ling said...

Hi Sanchez Family! Thank you so much for posting my poem. I'm always thrilled when it touches someone's life. If you have a chance, please check out my picture book as well. My Sister, Alicia May is based on the same little girl. All the best, Nancy