Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Things....

25 things I love about you Joaquin....

1. Your smile.
2. The color of your eyes...a combo of gray, blue and green.
3. Your and slightly curled.
4. The way you light up when you see your brothers.
5. When you reach out your arms to me.
6. When you play pat-a-cake.
7. Your soft belly when I kiss it.
8. Your giggle.
9. Your wrinkled palms and soles of your feet.
10. Your starfish hands.
11. The way you inchworm around the house.
12. When you tap your toes on the floor.
13. When you wave bye-bye!
14. Your baby chatter.
15. When you dance to the music.
16. Your sweet disposition.
17. When you get grumpy.
18. The way you tuck your hands and feet under us when you sleep in our bed.
19. When you fall asleep on my shoulder or on your Papa's chest.
20. When you squint at the sun.
21. Your soft fuzzy head and the way you tilt it when you are shy.
22. Your chubby cheeks.
23. Your button nose and your two tiny sharp teeth.
24. Your wet kisses and sweet baby breath.
25. Your gentle soul.


sheree said...

very sweet :)

Kleidy said...

A BEAUTIFUL post from a WONDERFUL Mommy!!!