Thursday, June 12, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

Another post from Hector...

There have been a handful of people telling Jen and I about this boy with Down Syndrome that was on "So you think you can dance" a few weeks ago and I have been avoiding seeing it for one reason or another. Everyone knows I have a special place in my heart for people with DS, especially kids, they are so sweet and cute. But ever since Joaquin's diagnosis, it is a touchy subject for me. I know I am interested in knowing other people's experiences, but sometimes it is a hard reality that I am not fully comfortable with, not yet anyway. I had a lot of anxiety seeing Andres for the first time since we learned that Joaquin had DS . I love Andres dearly, but I knew I was going to see him with different eyes, like peaking into the future and I was afraid to do so. I am afraid still. I would love to be OK in that respect, but I can't help but still feel some anxiety and fear about the future.

Yesterday Jen was watching some videos on You Tube and she casually told me to watch the SYTYCD video. I did and I loved it. It was very sweet. I guess I was afraid someone was going to make fun of the boy or patronize him, but it was not like that at all.

I know that Joaquin is going to grow and do great things in his life, I can feel it in my heart. Someone told us that people with DS are born for a reason, that they have a special purpose in life. I believe it. We know that he can't wait to start talking because he has lots and lots of things to say, I can't wait...

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